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At John Steel Rail Tours our travel consultants deal exclusively with rail tours in Canada and North America. We are a specialist tour operator with years of experience in serving our clients the best that Canada’s great scenery has to offer. Travel with John Steel is a first class experience while our staff strive to give you service second to none.

The Rich Tradition of Canadian Rail Travel
Canadian Rockies - Banff and Lake Louise


Since 1885, when the legendary Canadian Pacific Railway united Canada with a ribbon of steel, travellers from around the world have been coming to Canada to experience the rail journey of a lifetime.

Today you can travel the same routes that were responsible for opening up our country to the world at the end of the 19th century. The people and cities have changed a lot since those pioneer days but the countryside has retained its rugged beauty and awesome splendour. You will be casting your eyes over the same terrain and wilderness that our forefathers did. Take a trip through the present and the past as you glide in style across a landscape full of history and beauty.

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